St John’s of England Primary School

Our Vision

‘Where every child succeeds as a lifelong learner

St. John’s CE Primary School empowers everyone to fulfil their unique, God-given potential. 

We provide a safe, nurturing learning environment in which children thrive emotionally, socially, physically, creatively,  academically as well as spiritually.

Through inclusive and inspirational teaching, every child succeeds as a lifelong learner.


St John’s strives endlessly to ensure that its pupils leave with the strongest foundation of Christian values upon which to build a successful life and a successful contribution to our Society.

Spirituality statement

As a Church of England Trust, we teach an awareness that is greater than the immediate and an appreciation of the awe and wonder of God’s love. We value the beauty and diversity of creation and all humanity, whilst courageously and prayerfully addressing big questions and small details.  We develop spirituality which inspires us to work with our communities to live life in all its fullness, reflect God's love and support our mission of 'Life - Transforming - Learning.'