Help & Advice

As part of our school offer we seek to work closely with parents. Throughout the year we provide a range of means of communication with parents including talks, letters, texts, homework plans, parent workshops, consultations on pupil progress and the annual school report. We aim for parents to receive regular up to date information about their children and the life of the school, and advice/tips to help with different areas of supporting children’s development.

Useful links:

  • There is a lot of useful help and advice on the London Borough of Bromley website
  • Have you got a child who is ready to start school? Starting Primary Education in Bromley may answer all your questions.
  • For children aged  4-16, changing school or moving from primary to secondary,  the publication Finding Your Place, explains the application and admissions processes.
  • Resources from our recent meeting for parents about WELLBEING may be viewed here, also take a look at 5 Ways to Wellbeing
  • BROMLEY CHILDREN’S PROJECT – details of their Information, Advice and Support Service may be found here. See also the following useful leaflets from the Bromley Children's Project:



Dear Parents and Carers,

Care for the Family is a well established organisation, providing training and materials to support many areas of family life. Many of their material is free and can be downloaded. Alternatively you can attend a day or weekend training session to cover areas such as parenting as a step dad, bereavement, marriage, raising children as a couple, alone or raising children in a digital era. You could also purchase a DVD and gather a few friends together to study a topic such as preschool or caring for children with special needs. -  a growing movement of mums and dads supporting each other, sharing ideas and encouragement so we can all succeed in inspiring faith in our children. This project is the start of a conversation. We will be producing resources and ideas to help in the journey of discovering how we can nurture faith at home.