School Day

At St. John’s we want to make the most of every minute of learning time and so when the gates are opened for 8.45am, pupils make their way directly into class where their teachers are ready to receive them and begin ‘Early Morning Learning Activities.’

08:00 Breakfast Club opens (parents must book places via the main office or directly through BC staff)
08:45 School gates open and pupils, including those attending Breakfast Club, make their way to their classes
08.55 Official start to the school day
09:00 School gates close. Any latecomers must use the main Reception entrance to sign in the late book and provide reasons for lateness.
08.55-09.10 Morning registration
08.55-09.30 Early Morning Learning Activities and Guided Reading Sessions
09.30 Lesson 1
10.45-11:00 Morning Break
11am-12:00 Lesson 2
12:00-13:00 Lunch sittings, KS1 and then KS2
13:05 Afternoon registrations
13:05-14:45 Afternoon lessons (Lessons are typically 1 hour long with a short comfort break but each class and phase group will vary this according to the needs of their class and individual timetables).
14:45-15:05 Collective Worship
15:15 Home
15:15-16:15/16:30 Extended day activities and clubs E.g Boosters, Homework Club, Football, Dance etc.  These are clubs for which parents and carers may sign up or are activities that individual pupils are invited to attend.
15:15-18:00 After School Club – wrap around care (parents must book places via the main office or directly through ASC staff)