Stephen Jota Centre

“If we don’t show the children love they will never know in the whole world that there is anything called love.  That’s why I want to build the Children’s Centre to show the love of God to the children in our country.”   Stephen Jota, Uganda

St. John’s CE Primary has had a link with the Stephen Jota Centre and Orphanage, Uganda for a number of years. The centre aims to help rebuild damaged lives and give hope to children, young people and families living in Kampala, Uganda.

Earlier this year two members of staff Mrs Anne Park and Tess Mariapa travelled to Uganda taking supplies donated by our children and families, for the children of the Stephen Jota Centre and Orphanage. On their return the school fully got behind another mission to provide the centre with the funds to buy a cow. The school’s raised funds of £585.00 enabled them to buy an Ankole/Fresian crossbreed weighing 400kg already in calf. Named Rosie by St. John's children, she had a bull calf (named Johnny) in the Christmas holidays and she now provides fresh milk for the children at the Centre.

cow o meter