Safeguarding is the responsibility of all members of the school community and as such St. John’s commits to a regular safeguarding training and updates.

The Designated Safeguarding Leaders are:

Mrs Lynda Doel (Executive Headteacher)

Miss Sarah Kilbey  (SENCo and Inclusion Manager.)

We follow a suite of Aquinas Trust policies and and have a number of academy-based policies and procedures that underpin and support keeping children safe in education. These can be accessed from our policies page.

Aquinas Trust Safeguarding policies:

  • Alegations of abuse against staff
  • Child Looked After
  • Complaints
  • CPD and Training
  • Equality
  • Grievance and Disciplinary
  • Health and Safety
  • Induction
  • Lone Working
  • Safer Recruitment
  • Whistleblowing


St. John's Policies:

  • Accessibility Plan
  • Attendance
  • Appropriate Physical Contact (including restraint)
  • Behaviour (including Anti-Bullying)
  • Child Protection
  • Complaints
  • E-Safety and acceptable use
  • Health and Safety procedures
  • Missing Children
  • Personal and intimate care
  • Photography of children and young people
  • SEND

Annual Safeguarding Training, Information and Education Schedule may be viewed here.

For matters relating to SEND, please contact Miss Kilbey via the school contact number or email address which may be found on the Home page.

Regular Safeguarding bulletins may also be found here to offer practical and useful advice about keeping children safe. (Many thanks to our friends at Farringtons School for sharing this valuable resource)

 pdflogoSafeguarding Bulletin 1   pdflogoSafeguarding Bulletin 2 pdflogoSafeguarding Bulletin 3

pdflogoSafeguarding Bulletin 4     pdflogoSafeguarding Bulletin 5pdflogoSafeguarding Bulletin 6